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This is possibly not the first web site you have looked at to try to decide if options mentoring is for you.

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"I know I have spent untold hours looking at websites touting how their options mentoring program is the best. And how they have been in the pits since they were old enough to walk. As I read these websites, the one thing missing from all of them is YOU! The majority of sites will try to fit you and your options mentoring into their trading system that has been programmed into an algorithm and is available once you take their "mentoring course."

“One machine can do the work of 50 ordinary men.
No machine can do the work of one extraordinary man.”
- Elbert Hubbard

Again, are YOU to fit in the algorithm.

What’s more powerful, a rigid computer program based on mathematics or a well trained Human Mind? That well trained mind would be yours, capable of recognizing the nuances of the market and using the WHOLE BRAIN — not just the logical left side of the brain. After all, the computer model must wait until the action occurs before it can alert you to take action. A well trained mind can see the opportunity as it is forming.

Can an options mentoring computer program mathematically determine:

  • your risk tolerance which will change frequently?
  • your emotional state?
  • the emotion of the market?
  • a well rested mind and body?
  • the magnitude of current events?
  • a slow internet?
  • problems with order execution?

Your EYES and MIND are your most powerful data processing mechanism.

Our Options Trading Education focuses on you as an individual, and your needs. We don’t have a computer program to sell you. We want you to be able to trade on your own, with your eyes and mind — not dependant on a system that is outdated when the market conditions change, or if you didn’t buy the latest revision.

Your mind is the most powerful computer system ever devised. We focus on YOU for your options mentoring. We customize your options mentoring for you and your skills, needs, and goals.

Our goal is your success; we will customize your Options mentoring for you because it is yours.

In your options mentoring we also show you how to:

  1. Listen to the market
  2. Hear the market through chart reading
  3. Treat trading as a business
  4. See why certain methods work time and time again
  5. Select the right option for your trading style
  6. Select the right option for your time frame
  7. Speak Greek
  8. Find the right trade
  9. Use your WHOLE brain to trade
  10. Train your WHOLE brain and trust it
  11. Use money management techniques
  12. Know the difference between money management and trade management
  13. Reduce your risk in a trade
  14. Spot low risk trades
  15. Appreciate simplicity
  16. Place an order effectively
At Options Trading Education we are always available for follow up. Trading is a serious business with real money. Would you attempt to fly a plane without any training? You might get lucky the first time. Eventually your luck will come crashing back to Earth. All great performers have had some sort of mentoring in their past.


All sessions last as many days as your wants and needs dictate, and are taught near Austin, Texas, U.S.A. with Jim Augustine in person OR, if you prefer, Jim can train you online via Internet.

The tuition for private options mentoring is
per day or $150 per hour.

Reserve your training session soon!

Jim Augustine reserves only a certain number of days each month for personal teaching time, and the openings on his calendar for options mentoring are booked fast.

To reserve a session for yourself, please click the link below to start your correspondence with Jim to schedule your training days and topics.

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If you have questions,
please e-mail us at support@options-trading-education.net, or call us at 1-800-476-7796 (U.S.A. only),
or +512-249-6930.


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